HOURS:  (4pm-7pm ages 5yrs-17 Mon-Fri  Sat/Sun 8am-9am)

Mon 8am-11am/4pm-8:30pm

Tue   4pm-9pm 

Wed 8am-11am/4pm-8:30pm

Thu  8am-11am/4pm-8:30pm

Fri    8am-11am/ 4pm-8:30pm

Sat   8am-12pm

Sun  8am-12pm

BOXING 1-On-1 (not private) $150 per month  (12session) *After 6months Price Reduce To $100 per month*

GROUP BOXING $100 Per Month (12 Session)

KIDS USA-BOX  $15 PER CLASS  *We Work With All Day Cares & Community/Religious Groups With No Fees!!!*

 7days week 1hr 30min workout                                                             UNLIMITED BOXING MONTHLY  $250

comes with handwraps and mouth piece 

A new boxing system aimed at younger participants 8-10 years and 10-15 years to introduce boxing in a safe way. Parents can be ensured their children will gain the benefits of boxing without any head contact, in a structured and well presented system.(Ages 5-17yrs) Are $15per session  Ages 18yrs & up are $20 per session 

  • Boys and girls will start with a basic warm up and general fitness exercises appropriate to their age and maturity levels.
  • Basic boxing skills including foot work, basic punching and defence techniques.
  • Touch only contact, partner work with no head contact.
  • A grading system is followed to reflect a member’s level of competence and their boxing journey.

BOXING-4-FITNESS       $20 PER CLASS OR $125 PER MONTH (12 session)

A boxing based complete fitness training program that will push the participants’ fitness and skills. This class will consist of ;

  • Boxing style warm up, including skipping.
  • Bag work, kick boxing bag work,pad work, circuit based exercises as well as push-ups, squats and abdominal work.
  • High intensity interval training workout will push your fitness boundaries.
  • All boxing class instructors are current or former boxers who have a passion for boxing and plenty of experience in the sport.
  • Boxing- 4-Fitness includes partner work but there is no contact in this class.


Boxing is a combat sport and as such its fundamental techniques and training includes self defence and an elite level of fitness. In this class you will;

  • Boxing warm up, including skipping, foot work drills, shadow boxing.
  • Bag work, pad work, circuit based exercises as well as push-ups, squats and abdominal work.
  • Be taught all boxing foot work skills.
  • Be taught all boxing punching skills.
  • All boxing offence and defence skills.
  • All partner work skills.


(must have USA Boxing Passport Book $71 per year)

Amateur boxing training for boxers who would like to compete at a state and national level. Invites only

  • Full boxing training from novice to elite level with 5days per week training!
  • High intensity fitness training.
  • All level partner work.
  • Speed sparring.
  • Full contact competition sparring.
  • Traveling and competing local Amateur shows and Nationals Tournament