Warrensville Heights

DNA Level C Boxing Club is the ultimate boxing training destination for the people of Cleveland its neighboring cities that include Warrensville Heights. A 10 minutes ride from Warrensville Heights will bring you at DNA Level C Boxing Club. So, if you are searching for a best boxing club to train for, DNA Level C Boxing Club is right choice for you.
Which categories are you in?

Boxing Classes for Novices:

DNA Level C Boxing Club has a number of classes for beginners. Our registration fee is only $25. We charge $100 per month for group training. The training atmosphere is exciting, motivating and rewarding too. We have professional coaches who are certified by US Amateur Boxing Federation. They (trainers) train everyone from kids to professionals. Besides, through boxing they also teach you the art living—self-control, self-defense and the meaning of discipline in real life and ring.
We run especial boxing training class for kids too.

Classes for Amateur Boxers:

If you belong to this category, we have professional trainers who will be guiding you differently so that you could move to professional level. Join our family and enjoy and witness the course of transformation—from amateur to professional. If you are determined and dedicated then reaching next level is no big deal as we assure you that we have best coaches in the city. So, are you ready to get transformed to pro from Sunday driver? Register with us before getting in the roller coaster.

Classes for Professionals:

If you fall in this category then you should take individual training from our skillful professional trainer who has tucked years of experience in his belt training boxers like you.
In addition, we also sell boxing kits and tools too. You can cart the products that you like and we will deliver at your place on time. Gloves, headgears, body protectors, punching bags, apparels and other accessories. If you don’t find your desired products on our website then just let us know as we have much more than that.

Team DNA

Team DNA is a non-profit organization that was formed from DNA LEVEL C BOXING CLUB. It is a traveling league that competes across the US. Constant competition pushes Team DNA towards intense training—5 days a week. It is a team of fighters ranging from the age group of eight to 25 years.
Besides, the team is equally focused on social responsibilities. We are engaged on clean-up program, feeding less fortunate people and extending vocational based educational program to such group who are deprived of opportunity. To operate this type of program we need funding. Hence, we established this no-profit organization.

Mission of Team DNA—a non-profit program:

•    Operate community awareness program regarding health and fitness
•    Incorporating discipline through boxing
•    Enhance spiritual, mental and physical well being
•    Good health through training and dietary
•    Teach boxing skill for self defense
•    Fight against ill behavior rooted in society and self— bullying, lack of discipline and obesity.

Our clients:

Pupils in between five to 10 years are the beneficiary of DNA’s service. They spend $100 to $150 per month for their training. They are my customers who purchase boxing kits ranging from $5 to $100.
In this course of time, it is noted that teens and adults do not have sufficient time to practice boxing but are keenly interested in acquiring skills.