DNA Level C Boxing Club—a renowned name in providing boxing training and supplying related equipment and gears— has just arrived in the vicinity of Parma. Despite being 12 mile (19.20km) apart we are close by a call.

If you have any more queries then you can buzz us a call at:

PHONE # Cell 216-200-0664 Gym 216-523-4763


We are versed in providing boxing trainings through our highly professional trainers. They provide effective training motivating trainees to cut the mustard. Our training facilities meet all the guidelines of modern amenities. The training environment here is so electrifying that automatically triggers you towards being skillful boxer.

So, why wait? Join us and pave the way of being champion.

Furthermore, as per your request, we also provide personal trainer. It is a bit costly than group session but for your convenience we do not hesitate to address your need. Depending upon age and boxing skill we run separate classes for kids, novice, amateurs, and professionals.

In case of kids of above five years, we not just teach them boxing rather help them to grow disciplined. Fist fighting should not be limited within the boundary of throwing punches! We teach them an art of self-control and self-defense making them physically strong and mentally tough.

Last but not the least; we also sell genuine quality boxing equipment and gears like headgears, mouth guards, hand wraps, shin guards, boxing trunks, shorts, gloves, kick pads, heavy bags and other boxing materials at affordable price.

You can also make online purchase as we are good at timely delivery.